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Invented a couple extra dimensions today

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Bruce Timm to Produce New Justice League Series (x)

Whoa! DCAU mastermind Bruce Timm will executive producer a new digital Justice League cartoon for Machinima to debut in spring of 2015. Titled Justice League: Gods and Monsters Chronicles, it will be be co-produced by his Batman: The Animated Series partner Alan Burnett.

Originally announced as another DC direct-to-home video animated movie, Gods and Monsters Chronicles will now be a three-part digital series; according to Comic Book Resources it’s an original story by Timm which has nothing to do with the 2001 Justice League comic of the same name. 

“‘Chronicles’ is said to revolve around a newly conceived reality in the DC universe where Justice League members Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman are much darker versions of the superheroes that people know.”



IndieCade 2014 GameSlam

GameSlam 2k14 is your chance to show the curious, experienced, worldly but friendly crowd at IndieCade 2014 your game! Co-Hosted by Teddy Diefenbach and Ashly Burch, advance sign ups are open until September 28th. You’ve got this.

Game Slam art by Ryan Cousins

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A Tumblr theme built for food lovers. With heaps of special features and over 50 customization options, Cookbook will be sure to get your tastebuds flowing.

  • High res photos
  • Tags and recipes on the sidebar
  • Print friendly pages for text and photo posts
  • Instagram & Flickr gallery page
  • 5 advertisement images + links for the sidebar

Check out Cookbook and more at

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photo by Kyle Deleu

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Check out concept art and illustrations by Jakub Rebelka!

Jakub Rebelka is a freelance illustrator, comics creator and concept artist working in both digital and traditional mediums. He has created illustrations for animated cutscenes for games such as The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings and Shadow Warrior…

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Powerful Storms by Mike Olbinski

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Orange Palace and a few experiments

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Check out concept art by Stefan Morrell!

Stefan Morrell is a freelance concept artist currently working from New Zealand. His recent film projects include Jupiter Ascending and Cloud Atlas…

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Concept art and animation panels for Treasure Planet 2

Before Treasure Planet was shown in cinemas, Thomas Schumacher, then president of Walt Disney Feature Animation, mentioned the possibilities of having direct-to-video releases for Treasure Planet as well as a television series. He stated that they already had “a story and some storyboards and concepts up and a script for what a sequel to [Treasure Planet] could be,” and that they also had a “notion” of what the series would be.

Director Jun Falkenstein and screenwriter Evan Spiliotopoulos began early development on Treasure Planet 2. In the sequel, Jim Hawkins and Kate, his love interest and classmate at the Royal Interstellar Academy, must team with Long John Silver to stop the villainous Ironbeard from freeing the inmates of Botany Bay Prison Asteroid. Willem Dafoe was set to voice Ironbeard. The sequel was canceled when Treasure Planet disappointed at the box office.

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